Currently booking for Friday nights in Tampa/St. Petersburg Florida. Contact

My name is Matt Frick. I play guitar, keys, and banjo. I try to switch it up to keep everyone interested. Sometimes I’ll do up to 4 completely different sets in one night just to have fun.

My solo acoustic guitar sets I play mostly covers and a few originals. My favorite style is old school fingerpicking and bluesy older stuff. Covers from Clapton, the Beatles, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Neil Young.

My electric guitar sets I like to bring out my loop pedal so I can shred on my sweet PRS! I’ll play artists like Jimi Hendrix, T-Bone Walker, Beatles

At the right venue I will bring my RD2000 by Rolad (a super sweet keyboard). I’ve been enjoying playing old soul/ blues stuff like “To love somebody”, “Lean on Me”, “Gramma’s Hands”. My newest thing is looping vocal beats over Gorillaz and Beatles songs. For the right venue I will definitely bring my keys.

With enough notice I could book a duo.

Bars: $50 per hour, per person. Private parties: Duo with Josh Higgins or Katy Lay $500.

Matt Frick Solo

Acoustic guitar set: music from the 60’s-90’s (Dylan, Beatles, Dead, Bowie). Sometimes I throw in a few classic rock songs on the banjo (Zeppelin, Beatles, STP)

Electric guitar set: Bluesy, looping. (Hendrix, Bill Withers, T-Bone Walker). Tons of electric guitar soloing.

Keys Set: 60’s-70’s era. Also, vocal/key looping with long instrumental jams for dancing.