Using an RC-50 in combination with ableton live and protools.   Having a blast making these and breaking new grounds.  These recordings are being used with aerial videos at    I started w/ an RC-30 per sweetwater music’s recommendation (Bob Mondock).   I liked it even more than the RC-50 in some ways, it had cooler after effects.   I only switched to the RC-50 so I could have 3 tracks to work with.  The think that makes these loops work w/ video is the use of the drone pedal, in this case I use a Ravish Sitar pedal.   I’m not using it for the sitar sound, more for the tambura sound.   Sounds great with video taken from a quad copter.    My buddy Michael Partington uses these all the time for Indy Aerial.  If you are interested in using these loops for video please contact me.  

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