T R O M B A N J O S 

photo by Jason Fennell

Stephanie and Matt Frick may have just changed the world

Cantata BWV 144, 5.  Contentedness is a Treasure in this Life - Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Cantata BWV 144 Nimm was dein ist, und gehe hin (Take what is yours, and go away) is a sacred cantata composed in 1724 during his early years in Leipzig.   The cantata was written for February 6, the third Sunday before Ash Wednesday.

The fifth movement, “Contentedness is a treasure in this life” is an elaborate soprano aria.  The word “contentedness” is heard in the soprano voice fifteen times, in ornate and expansive ways, allowing for ornaments and coloratura.   In the aria, Bach describes how man should strive for contentment in all things, even in strife and sorrow.

A transcription of the fifth movement of the cantata “Contentedness” was arranged by Rob Boone in 1993 as a duet for two trombonists.  For this recital performance, the part traditionally performed by an oboe, ovoe d’amore, or transverse flute was performed on banjo by Matt Frick, an ethnomusicology major from Indiana Universtiy.   The lower part originally for soprano voice, was performed on trombone.   The part also includes sections of basso continuo.

Matt and Stephanie are in love

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