fury city_1

(fury art by Colin Sullivan)


Instruments I play:   Banjo, Guitar, Piano, Percussion, Bass, Marimba, tabla

Education:  BA in Folklore and Ethnomusicology at Indiana University


  • 1980 I was born.  I grew up in a musical family. My Gramma played gospel piano and Dad played the trombone.
  • 1988  When I was 8 years old my Grampa (Jack Frick) took me to see John Hartford (great banjo player). I fell in love with the banjo.
  • In the 5th grade (1990), I started taking drum lessons at Paul Mueller’s Studio’s in Indianapolis.  I took private lessons from 1990-98 through all of high school. I studied with Dan Paul, focusing on Drumset and some Marimba.
  • In the 7th grade (1992) my eyelashes started turning white and I found out I have a skin condition called vitiligo.
  • 1993-94 I played in a hard rock trio with Adam Siddiqui and Brown Partington in a band called Cicada.
  • 1995 I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis (a messed up muscle disease) I was worried I could never play drums the same so I started learning to play the guitar. I took lessons from my Mom’s friend Mark, and from friends at school like Kris Steigerwald.   I learned Beatles and Dead songs with a few originals coming to life.
  • I started working on hand percussion 1995.   Playing in drum circles and with my best friend Brian Wright.  We formed a drum army and learned to work together as a team.  I also started experimenting with the piano around this time
  • 1996 Mike Connard, David Thomas, Patrick Flaherty, Brian Wright, Jay Constable and I started a band called “Elephant Dance”.   We played mostly Grateful Dead covers and smelled pretty bad.  There were 2 drumsets in this band, (me and Brian Wright)  We played at the Emerson Theater (Indianapolis) a few times and drew a huge crowd of hippies.. for a brief moment my friend Sarah Shelton joined the band. Jay quit the band and Cameron Reel joined on the bass.  Dave Thomas got kicked out, Aaron Stout came in and suddenly the band became “Tumbleweed Punch”.
  • 1996  I left my drum thrown at a wedding gig and Travis Ellison stole it from me (more to come later…)
  • 96-98  Mike Connard gave me my first banjo and I started taking lessons at Village Music in Zionsville, Indiana with Craig Blatner.  I fell in love with bluegrass after hearing old and in the way, I realized the potential of acoustic music.
  • After Tumbleweed Punch broke up in 1997, I started playing with Andy Salge and David Sullivan in a band called the Water Company.  We played small gigs at Brody’s, Musicbox, Emerson Theater (Indianapolis, Indiana) and at all of Andy’s cousin’s weddings.  I played Drumset and sometimes banjo and xylophone (my Mom bought me a serious concert xylophone around this time..)We recorded an awesome 4 track recording called “I’m worried ’bout your foot because my cat died”.    
  • The Water Company then went acoustic in 1998 and brought in David Thomas who was learning mandolin.  Water Company took a new direction and was the beginning of a long term musical friendship between us all
  • I also joined a side reggae band with Mike Connard, Nick Keener, Daniel Morris, and the Usual Suspects/Orts…  this band had like 60 members throughout it’s life I think.  I played drumset.
  • 1999  After a few recordings with the Water Co. at The Lodge with Jay Arbucle as our engineer, David Sullivan and Andy Salge moved to Bloomington, IN to go to Indiana University (IU).
  • Started a Power vocal acoustic band called “coast” with Aaron Stout, David Thomas, Eric Riddles and me.
  • 2000 I went to Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI).   I took an amazing guitar class from David Morgan, the blues guitar teacher.   I learned how to apply fingerpicking styles to the acoustic guitar — changed my life forever.
  • 2001 I moved to Bloomington, IN to go to Indiana University (IU).  I joined Blue Moon Revue.   Members were:   Andy Salge, David Sullivan, Matt Marshall, Drew Scalercio, and Dan Hirons.  Since the drumset position was taken in this band, I played percussion.   I developed a nice set up with xylopohone, congas, percussion and banjo.   Blue Moon Revue took off in Bloomington, Indiana and did very well.   We opened up for some huge acts in college:   George Clinton, Santana Side Stage, Los Lobos, Widespread Panic, Yonder Mountain String band, ok Go, Here Comes the Mummies..   I played with Blue Moon Revue (this time) from 2001-2004
  • 2001 David Thomas moved to Bloomington, IN to start the Water Company back up again.  This time we added Dan Hirons (from Blue Moon Revue ) on drumset and I played full time banjo.  Water Co. played fun music and was a great time.
  • 2001 I ran in to Travis Ellison and demanded my drum thrown back.  We had both been studying Classical north Indian Music by chance and started to play music together.  This was the beginning of an amazing project we started called Sangeet Mala (meaning garland of music in Hindi).   We combined East and West fusion.   Travis had been working on tabla and started teaching me.   Eventually we brought banjo into it and started writing a 40 min. composition called “the piece”.   We added Hannah Won (violin) and brought in guests like Joe Fish, Jim Wert, David Sullivan, Joel Kelsey, Karl Leichty, Brook Mumford for crazy east west jam sessions and improvised live shows at T.I.S. music and the Bluebird Nightclub in Bloomington, Indiana.   Sangeet Mala played from 2001-2004.  We recorded some awesome live shows.   (I have some of these shows on VHS that need to be transferred to DVD)Water co. played from 2002-2004 in Bloomington, Indiana.  We ended up having to break up because Blue Moon Revue was doing so well we wanted to put our 100% into it and had to decide between the two.
  • 2004 Blue moon revue broke up and Matt Marshall, Chris Chandler and I moved to California.   I went to an Indian Music school called the Ali Akbar Khan College of Music in San Rafael, CA.   I studied tabla.   This school was amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it.
  • 2005 I moved to Portland, OR with Chris Chandler and started a sweet duo called The Banjotles.   We played rock songs with a banjo and guitar.   I also started playing with the “Travis Ellison Band” playing banjo.
  • 2006 I recieved a package in the mail from my Aunt Linda.   Inside was a stack of poems written by my great gramma Pearl Childers”.   Most of these were written right after the depression and into the 50’s.   I started a project with my good friend Nick Vote where I put a select few of these poems to music.  The project became Out West for Rene“.   My brother, Dan Frick, got involved and contributed his own interpretations of her poems.   This is a fantastic project, it’s still in the making!  (2006-2010)
  • 2007  Matt Marshall and I moved back to Chicago to start Blue Moon Revue back up again
  • 2007  Water Co. was revived, Dave Thomas moved to Chicago
  • 2008 I quit both bands to start selling mattresses with Back to Bed.   I needed to make some money and catch up and focus on recording (vs. playing live all the time).  I got sick of being broke…
  • 2010  I started playing with David Thomas again and revived the name “coast”.   David Thomas, Sam Aranson, and I.  We are playing small shows and will take over the world!
  • 2010  Coast was revived.   New members are David ThomasSam Aranson, and me.   This is an acoustic trio playing mostly Americana, Bluegrass and Folk music.   It’s in the spirit of the old coast band with Aaron Stout and Eric Riddles, meaning the vocals are awesome in this band!   This is a combination of Water Co., Banjotles, and Out West for Rene with a new twist and almost better looking dudes..   Coast added David Young and created a website
  • 2011  I started making a video documentary for my Out West for Rene project and quit the band coast. came to life
  • 2011 Took a new traveling job with the Great Estate Roadshow.
  • 2011 Banjotronix was formed with Nick Holm. is now in the works.   Working with Nick Holm opened up a door to the electronic side of music.   We are currently working on a cd called “banjotrica”.  A rival band titled “Mandotronix” was created by David Thomas (a removed from birth siamese twin) and has been talking mad smack during the month of November
  • 2011 Bought a nice Alvarez bass, using bass on recordings for the first time
  • 2011 I recorded some really nice slide guitar and banjo parts for a band called “the Puffins”.   Sounds great, simple songs and nice melodies
  • 2012 I took 5 months off, got engaged and moved to Dayton, OH with Stephanie Reed.    I started learning to play the bass, and  experimenting with ableton live, also memorized a Bach candata on Banjo.   (banjo and trombone project called trombanjos).  I learned the art of the Loop during this time and created a paradigm shift once again
  • 2012 I had my first skype music sessions with friends (Nick Holm and Dave Thomas)
  • 2013 I moved back to Chicago with Stephanie Reed.   I finally put together a midi banjo set up with the help of Tom Nechville.   By banjo now has 3 inputs!!! Phase 1 in midi banjo is complete, I’ve been recording banjo parts that sound just like piano.   Started organizing Frickstock 2013, hoping to have 20 + bands.   Getting married August 3rd
  • Michael Partington creates and uses my music (lashloops) on his quad copter real estate video projects.
  • Gramma Rene Frick dies on the same day the end of the world was predicted by the mayans.   I played piano on stage for the first time at the same place she played piano for the first time in Herrin Illinois.
  • David Yovino takes a tabla and creates a device so you can tune it with a key.   Formed his own company called Transtabla.   (He started playing tabla after hanging out with Travis Ellison and I back in 2001).   I join his mission to make it happen.    Taught David how to hard sell at trade shows (first stop at PASIC).  I’m now the Transtabla rep for the midwest.   I can trace all of this back to Uncle JT Seamons giving me my first tabla, that sparked all of Sangeet mala and then the chain reaction of influence to David
  • Frickstock 2013 happens and no Frick new what hit em.   An epic 2.5 day music festival in Hilsboro, Ohio.  Steph and I got married
  • 2013 I recorded a Christmas cd (no actual christmas music) for family.  Took requests and recorded the entire song.
  • 2014 Nick Holm and I finish our 5th song for our Understanding the Seahorse album
  • 2014 I’ve starting to think I can slap bass like a motherfucker!!!  Electric guitar skills are getting better, got a new distortion pedal (ibanez tube screamer).   Also playing organ like I didn’t know I could.  Got a nicer looper, the rc-50
  • 2014 March:  I’ve got quad copter fever and am officially an abstract video pilot.
  • 2014 October:  Me, Steph, and Nick Holm move to Tampa, FL.   Quit Back to Bed and started working w/ Jimmy Huffman and Scott Penters at The Sleep Oasis.
  • 2015 Feb:   Rescued the greatest dog of all times named Ziggy, Nick got a siamese kitten named Zelda.   Started Imuron, working on my beard, chillin by the pool nice and warm.
  • 2015 March:  Bought a brand new 2015 Vespa gts 300 super sport!!!  Top of the line, enjoying Florida life
  • 2015 August:   Steph got a job at Mabry Elementary teaching general music.    I’ve finally started learning how to write out entire string and horn sections for my songs via software on my iPad called Notion.    Paradigm shift yet again musically.    Recorded over 20 songs this year titled Tampa Sessions.
  • 2016 Feb:   My good friend Chris Chandler died recently.   Recorded a song that we wrote together, listen here HEADED FOR THE COUNTRY .   Miss him a ton, was a really good friend of mine, we moved out west together and made it to Portland.  RIP Chris I love you man.
  • 2016 Feb:   Quit Mattress Firm after about 6 months, sold a bed to a guy named James Life and took it as a sign (with his last name being Life and all…) to get out of the industry.   He hired me at Hyundai in Brandon, FL.   Tried it for a month, didn’t like it.   Went to Honda down the street and still didn’t like it.    Now I’m unemployed and trying to figure out a new career.    Wish I could play poker and record songs for no one forever.
  • 2016 Sept:   Learned how to writing out some great orchestrated arrangements using a program called Notion on my ipad.    Click here to listen.   Also started learning how to tap on the guitar like a serious bad ass.
  • 2016 Sept:   Started selling furniture at Macy’s
  • 2017 Jan:    Trump is president and I’ve grown my hair out to pretend like I’m fighting back.    I’ve gone political and have been experimenting with using MLK’s famous “I have a dream speech” behind my recordings with Eric Riddles and Stephanie Frick.
  • 2017 June:   Moving to Riverview, FL
  • 2107 Aug:   Still trying to perfect my first Album “Under the Stars”.   Eric Riddles came by to add lead vocals, Snarky Mimosa Jr (anonymous rival of Snarfy Mimosa) added Keys.
  • 2017 Oct: Got a new Guitar amp that has changed the game.   The Roland Blues Cube Artist is incredible.   Thanks to the whole Frickin family for helping contribute.   The game has now changed and I’m focusing on being the frontman who can shred like the best of ’em.
  • Sat in with Josh and Jenny Higgins on lead guitar.
  • Frick and Friends plays our first real show NOV 4
  • 2018 Jan:  Quit Macy’s, Working at Kane’s Furniture.   Sitting in With Josh Higgins more regularly, Frick and Friends also stepping it up live.
  • Decided to create a buzz with everything I do
  • 2018 March: Bought a CD printing machine to bring to life all my recordings.
  • 2018 May: Josh Higgins sits in with Frick and Friends at Nazca Bar and Grill.  Shana Flores joins the band.
  • June 2018 started working for Tempur-Pedic
  • moved to St. Petersburg, Frick and Friends died for now
  • August 10 2018.  A guy named Josh ran a red light and hit me on my Vespa.  Shattered my femur.   I’m lucky to be alive.  Bought a Prius.  Added an “Impeach Trump” sticker to it.
  • October 2018. Started playing shows with Andrew Ricker.  Played my first show at the Hard Rock in Seminole.
  • December 2018.  Bought my first pro keyboard! The Roland RD2000 and ditched my cane.
  • Dec 2018: Set a goal to play gigs full time once I retire.
  • Feb 2019: Got a new RC 505 looper, changing the game for live performances!