In 2011, a long forgotten secret failure document was leaked to the world due to a technicality within an old albino law which to this day still allows non threatening yet destructive subfailures to co-exist and procreate.  This law was misleading and has created a misinterpretation and nonconditioned grey area within many local and global sublash failure communities. Experts predict frickileaks will release 3 more hidden failure documents this month based on select failure ideas that will soon be eligible for public lashings based on patents 220002, 220003, 20004 expiring this Lashcember. With the recent increase of failure in 2011, there is now a constant state of global confusion which may potentially alter the underlining conditions in which a given albino community  may or may not be involved, leaving many potential failures in 2012.   With such uncertain anticipation of  comprehensive lashalites,  a new document of lashrules may conjure in 2012 as will hold it’s first annual failure meeting via loo in the goo and smile to determine the legitimacy of an outdated frickileaked lashlaw which has done nothing but promote local and global sublash failure communities to be destructive  and create harmful subfailures which will co-exist and will most definitely procreate in 2012.


frickileaks is not my problem nor my invention, so don’t blame me for being angry whilst you read this.  Thanks Sarah Riddles,  for your support in failure and