10% law:  A government rule Invented by Brose Partington (see the government effect) where you own 10% of everyone else’s shit and they own 10% of yours.   Started by “let me get my 10% of your milk” (in the fridge owned by another roomate). (see government effect)

Cabrewing:   Like tardyacking while drinking in a canoe.  (see tardyacking)

Frickipedia:  the failure encyclopedia of idiofrickoncies as defined by your Frickimaster.

Yar:  Yar is a sleepy, sluggish feeling you get often triggered by annoying scenarios.   For example when you’re half way on your couch and half way off. The vacuum cleaner must come on and you become very sleepy.   This is often followed by singing a failure yar song:  “yar, yar, yar, ramming speed yar….    yar, yar, yar, do you know where yar?….    Jesus of Nazareth….    yay.   yar, yar, yar, stay right where yar. (see yar dust)

Yar dust:  the dust that hovers in the light that comes through your window and makes you sleepy.  Intensified by clouds passing over the sun in quick transitions.  (see yar)

Yarcoma: Being in a constant state of yar.  (see yar)

Slar: Someone who becomes yar.    (see yar)

 Slug:  a technique used to induce yar in which one uses the back side of their hand lightly pressed against a human target to drain their energy and hope for a yarcoma.  (see yar) (see yarcoma)

Sloth:  an advanced technique invented by Hannah Won to induce yar in which one uses a “peck like” hand position and lightly presses down on a human targets shoulder area to drain their energy and hope for a elevated yarcoma.  (see peck) (see slug)(see yar) (see yarcoma)

Pecking: An advanced technique invented by Hanna Won to induce yar by putting all fingers together and forming a peck like shape with you hand and attacking the closest enemy.

Tardyacking:  Kayaking and drinking while going against the grain.

Successful Failure:  A+ is equal to F- where C+ or C- are the worst and E is the variable.   Failing to succeed or succeeding to fail.  This is the compass of all Frick beliefs and values.

Don’t be like your Dad:  A way of being Invented by Brose Partington.   “Don’t be like your dad” will always remind us that we’re acting like our parents and to be aware of that.

Fast and average law:  76% law states 726289 that 76% is the steady but sure way of succeeding at a better than average and non competitve rate. (see hamsworthy)

Take a shot:  (see the government is in effect).   “everyone is taking a shot of rum” by Travis Ellison

The Government is in effect:  Within a house hold or group the “government is in effect” rule can be declared at any time. During which you can be  to take a shot.  If you do not, you will have to take two.    A tequila bottle can be implemented and be labled “it’s not my problem” and “25cents” to collect tariff for the government when anyone says “Real funny” (as invented by Dan Bishoff) on government grounds.   The government effect governs all failure in the house.  (see real funny) ( see it’s not my problem)

Not my problem:  see effective denial

Real funny:  Started by Dan Bischoff and spread to many many people.   Real funny is a way of living.   One may say “real funny”   (sounds like “reeeeaaallll funny”) where the pitch goes higher at the end of the phrase.   (audio clip coming soon).

Deal with it:  A way to combat denial.   Often used to combat “it’s not my problem”.   (see I’m so mad)

I’m sooo mad:  This is a way to make yourself more mad by being “so mad”.  You must pinch the top of your nose and say “I’m so mad” to experience this correctly.  

Effective denial:  Smiling when you’re “real mad”  just to release endorphins even though you know they are fake.   Supporting one’s denial and feeling good about it.   (see I’m so mad) (see it’s not my problem)

Miv: Mouth immunodeficiency virus.   Moving your lips slightly to the side to show disbelief or the feeling of being cornshwaggled.   (borrowed from HIV)

Maids:  Mouth immunodeficiency virus (full blown maids, borrowed from AIDS).  Moving your lips all the way to one side to show strong disbelief or the feeling of being cornshwaggled.

Moving north rule:  Every time your heart gets broken you move north rule.   (see it’s not my problem)

Supporting the abort rule: Supporting failure and shoving guilt to the side when deciding not to stick with the plan.   Supporting the abort rule almost always leads to showing up to see family a day late.

Star system: Stars are IOU’s handed out to friends.   One can be given a star for doing something nice.  A star can be called upon at any time to cash in on an IOU that is owed.

Red Matter:  Red matter can cancel out a star or re-nig on a star given.  Red matter is rare as stars are destined to be positive acts of kindness.  Red matter is negative acts of meanness.

Black Holes:  Black holes absorb all stars and destroy any IOU in the room.

Fixed Stars:  Fixed stars are set and can’t be used for “what ever”.  The person handing out a star can decide this star’s destiny.   For example one might hand out a “dog walking star” which is only good for this reason.  Fixed stars are often given with time limits and can expire if you’re not careful

Sympathy star:  A Sympathy star can be given when one doesn’t have any stars and you feel bad for them.   It’s a low form of existing

“Hey everybody who is this?”:  Josh Goff.