The White Eyelash Foundation of ‘Merica

Welcome to the WEFM.   If you are reading this page it’s because A: You have white eyelashes, B: You are looking to get white eyelashes, or C: You are an abused orphan white eyelashed freak and you need our help.   We are going to assume the answer is C: You are a abused orphan white eyelashed freak and you need our help.  Not to worry, this foundation is not for fun.  We are here to remind you that there can be great success with great failures.  To show our commitment, every year WhiteEyelash.com (with the help of WEFM) will donate $10,000  to a needy white lashed orphan living  somewhere in a city probably named Failsville.   Our only hope is that this donation will help someone be in denial for just a little bit longer.   When all of us white lashers are long gone, maybe that person will start their own Frickin’ foundation and share the love instead of drowning in it.    If you or anyone you know is an abused orphan white eyeylashed freak, or just some guy with white eyelashes than please don’t join our foundation, it will only give you a false sense of hope and obsequiousness.   If you don’t know what that word means click here

Just announced WEFM is taking donations to help Myasthenia gravis.   Click here to donate



Send your White Eyelash Pics to mattfrick@whiteeyelash.com and they will probably show up here.