My Banjo Rig

I thought I should document my recent banjo rig since it’s very different from most…    I’m still using my fender deluxe banjo I bought over 12 years ago, I’ve been super happy w/ it.  One of the best purchases ever.   I would say it’s the best banjo for the money.    I added a movable capo, upgraded the pegs and tailpiece.   It’s very warm and has always played great.   I’ve tried many pickups trying to get rid of unwanted feedback.   It’s very hard to do unless you get an electric banjo.   One day I’d like to get a cosmos banjo made by Tom Nechville, if only I had 5 grand sitting around..

As of today I have 3 pickups going in/out of my banjo!!!

First Input: I have a custom RMC magnetic/ midi pickup that has a 13 pin input (roland ready) buily by Tom Nechville.   I send it to a GR-55 midi guitar synth.

Seond Input:  Also attached to Tom’s invention to attach to my fender banjo is a quarter inch with a warm piazzo rmc magnetic pickup attached.   This goes to my eleven rack which I also use for my protools interface and then connected with a midi foot controlled via behringer fcb1010.    Through the eleven rack I use a stage 5 pedal board/ patchbay to connect to a boss volume pedaltc helicon h1crybaby wahravish sitar pedaltc electronics scf stereo chorus flanger – an RC 30 looper with a boss fs6.   I use the ravish purely for the tambura sound not the sitar imulation.   The drone is so great w/ an added expression pedal.  I also add an art 4 channel mixer in this rig for more instruments.    The mic connected to the h1 is an mp75 which controls vox effects.    Attached too is a lexicon mx300.

Third Input: is also 1/4” piazzo which goes directly to a dj or daw via wireless line 6 relay g30.   This is perfect (in theory) for my project w/ DJ spank called banjotronix.

I’m using a nice PA set up with the option of  stereo or mono setups:   A vox acoustic amp ag70 with a foot switch for the reverb I like to use for small gigs and rehearsals..     For the PA I use a powered Mixer EMX 512 sc to power a few cheap monitors.    For the main speakers I’m using 2  powered moniters called  k10 by qsc.  QSC is very clean and dynamic, I’ve never heard a speakers like them.

SOMEDAY SOON I’m hoping to release an album w/ Nick Holm aka DJ Spank titled banjotronica via banjotronix.   There has truly been nothing like it ever before.   I’m still trying to tweek the midi banjo to work w/ the gr55, It’s been a long journey to try and make everything work.   I hope to link it to my favorite programs soon:   Omnisphere, Abelton live and protools

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 Here’s a sneak peak w/ my new banjo midi capabilities.   So far, midi banjo w/ grand piano is the best combo by far