My Recording Setup

I use protools 8 w/ Avid’s eleven rack for most recording.   Lately I’ve been using a free version I got from soundcloud of Ableton live 8 in combination w/ my rc30 wave files, what a great match in combination w/ protools.    I use an AKG c 414 for most every mic scenerio, sometimes I’ll use a matched pair of nt5’s by rodes for stereo recordings.    I use a daking preamp to give a clean boost.    I run most reverbs through my lexicon 350.    I have some cheap monitors that need upgraded soon, and there you go.

I’m not as interested in protools anymore since I’ve seen the power of ableton and other programs.   It’s fine for now though.   Also I love the eleven rack, it took me a while to master though.  Also It’s not set up easy for stereo recording w/ a mic, fine w/ me I don’t usually need 2 mics for what I do.   The pre amp and mic I have make everything great, no need to upgrade anytime soon.

Thanks for reading 🙂  I love gear

listen to some recordings here.