Quad Lashcopters

I’m deep into learning and flying quads these days, particularly one’s with video cameras.   I did what most people do, start with a small helicopter, move to an intermediate copter, then to mini quads.    After I destroy all of these and can’t take it anymore I plan on moving up to the Phantom DJ2.   There are some interesting laws in the works about flying these right now, that’s why I want to buy as many as I can incase they are banned…   There are so many things you could do with Quads (not drones, the quad community frowns on the word…)  Check out my friend Mike’s site www.indyaerial.com if you haven’t already, he’s using his phantom dj2 to film houses for real estate.   Also he’s using my lashloops for his videos!!

 Check out the Quads I’m rockin’ these days

Sent this one to my brother in law and my nephew (Steve and Caleb).  It’s the best bang for the buck if you are learning to fly!!!  I can’t believe it’s only $60…   makes me so mad we didn’t have these when I was young.

I aspire to be this guy…

Check out this concept car!!!



Click here to watch a 16 min TED episode about the newest amazing quad copters