“I used to thing of myself as a Fisherman catching sales.  Then I thought I was a border collie rounding up sheep.  Now I think I’m a farmer planting seeds for harvest”

Matt Frick 2018

Move to Florida, it’s too cold, you’re in denial

Got out of the winter vortex bullshit, moved to Tampa, Florida.  Focusing on business entrepreneurship and getting the studio up to speed.    House is nice with a pool and good friends, new dog named Ziggy.   Watching the winter from the news is nice for a change.  Thinking 10-15 year plan here, that should do.   Perfect example of location and effective denial.


Winter is coming.  It came.  It kicked my ass

We may or may not be running away to the south to escape the north.   The winter is coming, it came, it kicked my ass.  Might see ya’ll in sunny Florida if I can work it out.    End of blog.


Eliminate your “don’t do this filter”


There’s a voice in your head that always tries to stop you from taking calculated risk.   It’s the lame voice that doesn’t want you to get any where in life, just wants you to keep doing what you’re doing and never try anything new.  Listen to this voice and never start your own business because your brain will say things like “I would have to get a business license” or “I better be safe and not try anything risky”.  Eliminate this voice just 10% and take a few calculated risks and then you can think bigger.   That is all for today


Travel or be travelled VIII


When I say travel or be travelled I mean it.   If you don’t see the whole country at some point you will get stuck in the place/places you know of and that’s it for ever.   Being travelled is a stubborn way of admitting defeat.  I always come back to traveling to remind myself not to give in to routine.

In 2005 I took a traveling job selling mattresses around the country.   It had it’s ups and downs but in the end was a great jouney. I have so many memories being in the most random places and meeting many many characters.   I left mattresses and sold massage chairs for a bit and then fell in love in Chicago.   I’ve stayed there ever since but now my lover has moved away and it doesn’t feel right here.  I’m going to travel to reflect and see what comes of it.   First trip is revisiting a few friends in Portland.   I only lived there for a year and thought it was a rad city.   I’m headed to furthur fest in Euguene on the 24th and 25th (September).   Right now is random time and I am strongest here.   Structure has nothing on me, planning will do nothing, don’t be travelled.


Location and Effective denial


I write this as I wonder if I’m going to move again?

I think it’s obvious that your surroundings effect who you are and what you do.  Does it really matter though?  Your brain should be at peace where ever you are right?   If I’m not happy in a city I wonder how much of it’s me that’s not happy, not the city?   I’m pretty sure the city is happy regardless what I think.  I’m curious if it’s an illusion which coincides with where you are with your self within your surroundings

In college I learned some valuable lessons because of my muscle disease.   I once bought a 1966 plymouth fury III and noticed I felt great when I drove it.   Not just good, but really really good.  Even though it broke down half of the time…   I started to learn that the more positives I could surround myself with, the better I felt and the less my muscle disease flared up.  Next thing you know I moved to California and bought a bmw convertible and felt even better.   Problem was the environment I was in (when I wasn’t driving) didn’t feel right.   The good vibes didn’t last as long as I thought and when my heart was broken I moved away to Portland.   I think I associated the horribly way I felt with the place I lived and wanted to leave it all.  I don’t think this is a bad thing, it’s one of my favorite ideas, effective denial.

I am a believer in effective denial.    If I’m mad and I smile just for the hell of it, my body releases endorphins and I am somewhat happier.   It’s forced happiness but it kind of works.  I believe it to be effective denial.   Part of it comes from seeing through the petty stuff and looking at the big picture which is I want to be happy.  Do what you want to do, don’t let any other influence detour you. Effective denial is living in a city that you think is best.  In reality your brain should be happy no matter where you are.  I chose my environment based on what I want to be or be around because I “think” it makes me happy.   So be it, sounds like a good plan.



Music is art and art is parallel to business and war.   I’ve set a goal this year to make it all happen, no whiny musician/ artist bullshit.    No excuses, there’s always a way out but I can’t control it anymore.   Musical analogies have shown me that drumset is to a banjo as failure is to success.

My thoughts are that artists have a glitch.   We put our hearts into our work and forget to use our amazing gifts to make $$$.  An artist thinks outside of the box but often thinks that it’s limited to his art.   After adapting the 10% law a new door has opened.   A long time ago, Brose Partington told me he owns 10% of everything in my fridge.   (Because of this, I know dedicate 10% of my income to a 401k).  What I’m getting at is the 10% law could be used to dedicate 10% of your heart to something that’s not your heart.  An artist should take his 10% of not being an artist.  The beautiful thing is…   an artist can’t help to be an artist so when he tries not to be one he only  becomes stronger.   Successful failure.

I’ve been thinking about this voice that stops me from wanting to make money.   You know what I’m talking about?   There’s always some safety failure voice that speaks strongly against taking risks.  Not to say you need to take risks to make money but it needs to happen if you want to make it to the next tear…   This is the case especially for musicians/ artists who spend too much time being deep.   I’m going to take 10 calculated risks this year and 1 of them will succeed for next year.  If none of them succeed then I’ll become better at my approach for next year.   Point being, if you’re young do it now before it’s too late.  I have nothing but love for artists who apply their skills to business.


First Blog

The art of Independent musicians promoting free downloading.

I know musicians will differ in their beliefs on making their songs free downloads vs. paying for them. I won’t judge you if we disagree but hear me out. Do you really think you’re big enough to not make your track available for a free download? How much $$ do you think you’ll make over 20 years by not letting anyone hear your music unless they go to “your” site and stream your music or actually buy the song? Maybe like $40?? Are you kidding me? Musicians are so cocky they think they’re being smart to not let their songs be available for free download. What they are not considering is that if your song is good you need to promote getting it out an forgetting about making $$ …trust me, I learned this lesson already (musicians should have a day job anyway). If your song is good it will spread like wildfire and as you start to see insane amounts of hits, then maybe that’s a good time to consider charging, but never when you are trying to make it so someone out of the midwest knows who you are. I say drench the field with gasoline and let it burn, not take a lighter and try to torch a wet piece of grass. The bigger the fire, the more people will see it’s smoke!!! (hmm..)
As far as I’m concerned record companies should be the ones that don’t want them free, not a guy who plays guitar and is like a kid who doesn’t share his toys. Record companies are lame and are middle men these days. What I mean is an independent musician can do most everything on his own now with all the tools available. I believe if it’s done right, there’s a more innovative way to make money than to nickle and dime your friends (who might start to hate you if you guilt them into buying your song)
Charging for music might not always be the best choice, or maybe there’s a way to compromise? What do you think about what radiohead did and made their album available for free with a link where you can donate for downloading the song if you want to? This was a paradigm shift in the industry and people that had $$ were happy to pay and people who don’t or don’t feel like paying don’t have to! The people who didn’t pay still helped radiohead’s new album blow up. Not to mention “guilt” is a strong way to sell for the people who got a free song. Meaning people felt bad that they didn’t pay for it and paid afterwards just to be a good citizen.
I like how the greatful dead let people record their shows and are cool with music sharing. This has been nothing but successful for them, they still found ways to make mad scrill. Jam bands have spread their music this way and while doing so help create a culture and a reason to go to the show. People like Metallica are lame that’s why they write the crap they do and that’s why they fail in the c- kind of a way. Let’s just face it, no one likes a c- song, they’re almost good, I’d rather listen to an f- song which is confident in it’s failure and therefor is good.
If you’re a musician who has locked your songs and think you’re too cool for people to be able to download your songs for free then so be it. Just know that you’re small and you’re arrogant to think that any more than a thousand ants will hear your song, and $40 isn’t really worth it. If you start getting mad hits, you can start all over again don’t worry. All I’m saying is, people don’t feel like finding out more about your band if they can’t listen to it on their ipod and let it give them that amazing feeling. Maybe make it free until headline a for real show?? Don’t be an ignorant musician, who cares how much money you put into your recording, let it go. You need to spend money to make money.

Thanks for your time, just being real. Leave your comments if you like or hate this. I won’t hate if you disagree, it’s cool. Same with downloading my stuff, what does it matter, just download it for free. Who cares, it’s not like I’m big or anything. I can’t stand indy musicians who post there stuff to stream but won’t let you download for free

Happy MLK Day

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Happy MLK Day 2019 We would be lucky to find a leader half as good as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   With the new challenges that are presented to us in this world, Dr. King’s famous speech from 1963 “I have a dream” has reminded me that there is hope for the future of mankind.   This past month I’ve learned from Dr. King as I used his speech behind 3 songs I recorded.    It’s the most powerful artwork I’ve ever been a part of.   Hope you all enjoy, thanks for listening and downloading. Eric Riddles...

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Fly Away

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Check out a sneak peak from my new album Under the Stars.  Titled FLY AWAY.

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Under the Stars

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“The most controversial album of it’s time” The new pork slimes    art by Amanda Sue Allen...

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Headed for the Country

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An original by Chris Chandler and Matt Frick.   Sang by Eric Riddles

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