Frickin’ Music Delivery

Check out my new song writing business!!

Have an idea for a song? Text your idea to 727-642-8993.

These are a few projects I’ve done since Covid. Seriously, not joking, text me an idea and I’ll turn it into a hit.

I’m Going Fishin’ delivered 7/26/20
Girl ya gonna get it delivered 5/25/20
Sanctuary Mind delivered 7/1/20
Newest music delivered 8/29/20
Brose’s Theme delivered 8/5/20

Frickin’ Menu:

$200 basic song (Acoustic guitar and vocals)

$400 Full Frickin’ Experience (Multiple instruments, fully produced (not mastered)

$20 Lyrics presented w/ chords in docx. file format or PDF 

$5 per CD w/ custom artwork (pro cd printing, matching jewel cased, shrink wrapped) 

$20 Basic graphics for song image

$75 remix to redo any part after release.   (can’t change the released version once it’s submitted through distrokid)

$50 for a new custom mix (mix with no vocals, change volumes, change eq)

$50 makes the song permanent on all platforms through Distrokid (song stays on streaming sites forever) 

$100 Mastering via Alan Johnson