Colin Sullivan Lashwork

Check out Colin Sullivan’s lashman work!!!

I’ve always loved Colin’s art work the best, he’s always the best man for the job.  He can create an entire world based on your needs and visions.   Currently, Colin’s doing the artwork for my Banjotronix cd coming out this spring.  Click here to see Colin’s Banjotronix art

Loved his design so much I got a tattoo of it.   Says a lot because I hate needles. If you’re in Portland and need a tattoo go to Sean Wright.   He works at Infinity Tattoo

Never thought I’d get a tattoo, Colin’s logo is the only one I found worthy
Colin’s greatest logo in my opinion. Lashman is perfect
lashman 2.0
An oldy, forgot about this one. I was just learning in 1996