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Text or call 727-642-8993 to book Matt Frick.


“Matt Frick is one of my favorite people to play music with in Tampa” -Cory Mon

“Gotta check out Josh and Jenny Higgins, they are my favorite duo in town! I love when Matt sits in with them”-David Holloway

“Eric and Matt are always a pleasure to watch” -everyone

My name is Matt Frick. In town everyone calls me “Frick”. I’m a multi-instrumentalist one man band looking for safe gigs to play in St. Pete/ Clearwater/ Tampa areas. I’ve played with many great bands which have opened up for many big acts such as George Clinton, Santana side stage, Los Lobos, Tony Trishka, Widespread panic to name a few.

I hit the scene in Tampa in 2017. I met Josh and Jenny Higgins at Love’s artifacts and was inspired to start doing my own solo gigs. At first I tried to sit in as many shows as I could to get a feel for what gigs would be like. My background has always been as a percussionist. Playing conga, marimba, auxiliary percussion and breaking out the banjo when needed. I’ve played guitar my whole life but was reborn after learning how to play the blues. Josh Higgins was just the person for me to realize that’s my calling. Soon I would meet Brad Smith a local drum legend, and Cory Mon who would take me to the next level sitting in with duos/ trios/ 4 piece gigs. Often just meeting the musicians for the first time on stage. Was a real thrill for me to break loose from my percussion background and just play electric guitar ( a sweet PRS I must say). So soon I had the courage to book my first 4 hour gig at Love’s Artifacts. The feeling was so powerful for me I set a goal to take it to the next level. It was time to add my percussion background to my guitar and banjo with the help of a serious looper pedal called the RC-505. Next thing you know I’m playing at The American Legion, Mary’s, Brass Tap, Nazca Bar, World of Beer, Maloney’s, Brown Boxer, Crabby’s, Salty’s, Bonefish to name a few. I went part time at my day job selling Tempurpedic beds at the mall and have been playing gigs 1-3 per week on an average ever since.

My solo gigs I bring my acoustic, electric guitars and my custom electric banjo. With the help of my looper I Bbox most of my percussion, you can’t usually tell it’s vocal percussion however. I play Jimi Hendrix, Sam Cooke, Beatles, Petty, Wilco, Dylan, Zeppelin, Gorillaz and much more. Currently have a book of 350 songs I can play. I’m able to change up my style depending on the venue. In a split second I can adapt to a country music crowd if needed. I secretly love country but I’m more of a blues guitarist. Right now my buddy Eric Riddles has been sitting in on nearly all my solo gigs during the weekend to get experience. He moved here from North Carolina to play music with me. We’ve been playing for over 20 years together. We’ve started a fantastic duo we are calling “Eric and Matt”. Check us out at It’s been hard to find duo gigs but I prefer them to solo because we have so much fun playing live together. Eric and I need your help booking some small venues in the area!!

For every show I make a flyer and use Instagram and Snapchat exclusively to promote my shows and projects. Book me at your venue and I ALWAYS try to promote.

Call/text me ASAP 727-642-8993 to book Matt Frick or Eric&Matt!!!

Bars: $50 per hour, per person. Private parties: price varies, contact me!

Matt Frick Solo

Acoustic guitar set: I play all the classic hits from the 70’s-90’s Blues-popular- soul funk. Sometimes I throw in a few classic rock songs on the banjo (Zeppelin, Beatles, STP)

Electric guitar set: Bluesy, looping. (Hendrix, Bill Withers, T-Bone Walker). Tons of electric guitar soloing.

Keys Set: Playing hits like gramma’s hands, to love somebody, pumped up kicks. Also, vocal/key looping with long instrumental jams for dancing.


Eric and Matt

Eric and Matt are the new duo in St. Pete/ Tampa! Now booking for summer 2021. Looking for safe venues to perform at. Click here to follow our facebook page.

We recently added “Deadline” to our book. A fantastic acoustic Grateful Dead Tribute duo. In St. Pete, a Grateful Dead tribute band is bound to bring in people to your venue!!! Check out Deadline’s Facebook page and follow our shows!!

Josh Higgins and Matt

Duo with Josh Higgins. One of the best duos/ trios in town. Be sure to book Jenny Higgins as well, we can rock your private party!!

Private Party’s can be arranged with enough notice. Book Josh, Matt, Eric for an epic night to remember.