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Introducing Deadline

It’s official! Deadline has come back from the dead and zombified in St. Petersburg, FL as a duo. Eric Riddles and Matt Frick have just announced an amazing new Grateful Dead tribute duo ready for gigs. Book us for April or after 727-642-8993(text).

Deadline focuses on Jerry’s side projects like old and in the way, the pizza tapes and acoustic songs from Jerry’s solo projects and bluegrass influenced jams. Check out the this version of Bird song we did live at Grand Central Brewery. Notice the magical ending all done with clever looping!

Matt Frick: Guitar/ Banjo/ Organ/ Vocals Eric Riddles: Bass/Vocals

Birdsong Live at Grand Central Brewery (grateful dead cover) LISTEN TO THE ENDING!!

Deadline has been teaming up with an amazing group of musicians and old friends to record dead songs!!! Check these out below

Check out ship of fools remote sessions project
The wheel

Eric & Matt already play duos in town, but we have been itching to play more/all dead songs at the right venues in St. Pete. Grateful Dead fans will love our set. We are mostly acoustic with guitar, bass and banjo. We play songs from old and in the way, the pizza tapes, and solo Jerry sets. Also, have electric guitar sets with plenty of jamming going on. There’s a rumor of a Grateful Dead night soon at The Bier Boutique in St. Pete! Could be just a rumor though????? Or is it??? Text 727-642-8993 if you read this w/a screen shot as prof and you will get back a special deadline mp3

We are $100 per hour as a duo and supply a flier designed for your venue.

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Stay Grateful everyone 🙂