Matt Frick and David Thomas

I’ve done more music w/ David Thomas than probably anyone.   Funny story about the first time we met…  My friend Slinky wanted me to start a band with someone who sounded like a mix between Jerry Garcia and Trey Anastasio, his name was Michael Connard.   Since I wanted to be Mickey Hart, and my buddy Brian would be Billy Kreutzmann I decided to drive down the street to his place right off Kessler blvd. in Indianapolis probably 1996. Walked in the house, met Mike Connard, and David Thomas was there.   Funny thing Dave Thomas and I both thought the same thing when we met each other “oh god, this fag..” but then we played US Blues and started the Elephant dance.   Been good friends and have made some wonderful music together, I’m trying to put our whole collection together on this page.



Lullaby at 1108 (Matt Frick original)
Lonesome Boy (Matt Frick original)
Mini and Dezi (Matt Frick original)
Teddy Bear’s Picnic (John Walter Bratton cover)
Dream the night away (Mando Mix, David Thomas)
Norwegian Wood (Beatles Cover)
For the Kids
Waking Dreams
Along the chain of human responses
Playing Catch (David Thomas original)

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