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Eric and Matt are now booking 3-4 hour duo sets in St. Petersburg and Tampa areas!   Follow us @ericandmatt on Instagram!

Contact mattfrick@ymail or text 727-642-8993 to book this fantastic acoustic duo! 

We love playing at Salty’s on Clearwater Beach, FL!!!
You’re Killing Me released AUG 26, 2020
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To Love Somebody cover LIVE AT MS. HYDE BAR 6/19/20

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Eric and Matt have been drinking margaritas on the beach while all the other MF’ers are failing in the cold weather. I mean the birds learned how to do it why can’t you? Seriously though, say what you will be we are having a blast in Clearwater, FL currently so we feel grateful and very blessed. Live the live you want to, let go, be bearded and remember to cowtip your bartenders. -Eric and Matt 1926

-disclaimer we aren’t artists from the 20’s.

disclaimer no one has heard of #ericandmatt

discclaimer disclaimers are slightly non Malkovich. (disclaimer squared.. Malkovich is now #ericandmatt ‘s portal to altered dimensions and failure partitions. The twenty’s have been really cool and #ericandmatt will be in Mars soon so please #preorder. -Disclaimer

This was the moment Eric remembered the name of his first pet. Soon after he would remember the street he grew up on and then he realized that was his stripper name: Rodney Wasena
Mars= Florida. Was an analogy for a new life in FL. Eric made the choice to #getyourasstomars and now our lives are best described by this pic. Also this is a real pic, there is nothing about this pic that will make anyone violent or agressive. Thanks for letting me get that out, that’s what she said. Editing would have been nice but unfortunitally I lost a bet and have been forced against my own will to keep typing. #suckanegg2021timecapsle

There are no words to express how much fun I have playing gigs at Clearwater Beach, Florida. Honestly just a really great way to make sure life is awesome. Eric and Matt have been playing at Salty’s bar and grille on random friday’s and have agreed our shows there have been extra special. 2021 look for Eric and Matt at Salty’s Island bar and grille, we do not disappoint (#biglittleshow my holmie Brad Smith taught me that one)

A few Salty’s gigs back. Introducing some electric banjo to the live sets. Plush, Going to California, Here there and Everywhere. All wireless with a #cometbanjo by #nechville and an #americanprofessionalii .
Little Wing Hidden Track

The story of what’s happening right now is a very long story. Here’s the short version: Eric Riddles met Matt Frick in highschool somewhere in Indianapolis, probably in Broad Ripple. We played in a sweet 4 piece acoustic band called coast with Aaron Stout, David Thomas, Matt Frick and Eric Riddles. Since then Matt and Eric met up in St. Pete, FL to play sweet duos on the water in Clearwater Beach, FL. The story is continuing and excited for what 2021 has to offer.

Eric’s new #americanprofessionalii
#cometbanjo @nechvillebanjos one of the most inspiring milestone of Matt’s Life. The Comet banjo by Nechville banjos is epic and a game changer. Sounds like my PRS but as a banjo. Living a good life playing Zeppelin, STP, Beatles songs on it wirelessly walking around playing for people on the beach. Such a spiritual experience playing it and feeling it’s vibrations.
Epic shows on the front porch at Ms. Hyde in Safety Harbor, FL. Such a fun music venue