I moved to Tampa, FL and recorded so many things with Nick Holm, Eric Riddles, Stephanie Frick, Josh Higgins. During this time I learned to write out music with the help of an app called Notion. The song Mini and Dezi I wrote you can hear full orchestration for the first time in my recordings. Also, I bought a CD printing machine for top quality CD production so I can sell CDs live. Not to mention my best songs are now on all the main streaming sites, just search “Matt Frick” on Spotify/Apple/ITunes/Pandora/Google/Soundcloud/YouTube.

Eric Riddles, Stephanie Frick and I recorded a 3 song tribute to MLK. While my guitar gently weeps (Beatles) >Mother (Pink Floyd) > Mad World (Tears for Fears). Here’s a link below:

Nick and I recorded an album titled “the Masters”.