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Welcome to! Each month the White Eyelash Foundation of ‘Merica will showcase a lash approved musician.   This month’s artist is David Thomas.  The song you are hearing right now is called ”   “.    I’ve played with Dave longer than anyone I know.  He’s my favorite American song writer this side of the Mississip.   I was honored to play on a few of these albums shown here.     You can download this song for free if you have a sound cloud account, and/or you can buy his music on iTunes by clicking on the albums you see below!   Be sure to follow him on soundcloud, twitter, and facebook.



click the small arrow facing down at the top right of the song playing for your free download!

Click the images below to buy Dave Thomas songs on iTunes!
Along the chain of human response                  Dave and Eric Riddles
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Song for Darryl

Wrote this for Darryl Marshall

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Quadcopter fever

Quadcopter fever has set in.   I’m very contagious right now.    Here is my copter, the Galaxy Visitor II by Nine Eagles.    Click on it to check out the jank page I’ve created so far.

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