Happy MLK Day

Happy MLK Day 2019

We would be lucky to find a leader half as good as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   With the new challenges that are presented to us in this world, Dr. King’s famous speech from 1963 “I have a dream” has reminded me that there is hope for the future of mankind.   This past month I’ve learned from Dr. King as I used his speech behind 3 songs I recorded.    It’s the most powerful artwork I’ve ever been a part of.   Hope you all enjoy, thanks for listening and downloading.

Eric Riddles on Vocals, Stephanie Frick on Trombone, everything else is white eyelash.

Here is some of my best work to date:    While my guitar gently weeps (George Harrison cover) –> Mother (Pink Floyd Cover) —> Mad World (Tears for Fears Cover), all of which are combined with parts of Dr. King’s famous “I have a dream”



 Happy MLK Day everyone, we still have much to learn from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



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Fly Away

Check out a sneak peak from my new album Under the Stars.  Titled FLY AWAY.

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Under the Stars

“The most controversial album of it’s time”

The new pork slimes


 art by Amanda Sue Allen Gearhart


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Headed for the Country

An original by Chris Chandler and Matt Frick.   Sang by Eric Riddles

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