It’s August which means has grown very powerful.   This whole month is dedicated to individuals who have devoted their powers to scoring music and getting shit done.   Here’s an example of that individual, his name is Matt Frick, aka Lashman2000 aka Lashy aka FrattMick.   

Happy August from mngmnt

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Tampa Sessions w/ NICK HOLM


Loving this new rocker here in Tampa.  

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High Voltage

Looking back at some videos from a few years back.   Great job David Young playing lightning bass.    Really like this improv.   Nice video by Dameon Keller

Enjoy a free download if you click the arrow on the sound cloud logo below (then click the arrow under the wave image that says “download”).



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Leafy Sea Dragon makes Youtube

Looks like someone put the proper seahorse music to this video.   Not sure who did it but thanks!

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