Lashman update

A quick update for what’s going on in lashworld.    I’ve been recording, working, and lowing my meds.    As most of you know, I have Myasthenia Gravis and have been fighting it since I was 14 years old.   It’s been a challenge, in some ways has made me who I am.    Successful failure has it’s ups and downs.   I’m still fighting and refuse to give up.   We’ve been told we have to move by April 30th so Stephanie and I are looking for new places in Tampa.   We like the warm weather so we are going to try to stay as long as we can.   Hope everyone is living good, drop me a line if you read this and I’ll cross you off the list of people who don’t stalk me.


Lashy 2016

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March Frix Pix

March is all about finishing Black Water a Doobie Bros. song I’m recording w/ Tony Cartwright, Eric Riddles, Daniel Miller, and Gordo Cabeza. Here’s the raw mix so far.
Hope everyone is doing awesome, thanks for checking out my site. A tomb of all my work which most people probably won’t check out until I die. That’s just the way it is – 2pac

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Mississippi John Hurt medly

Looking back at some videos from a few years back.   This was taken right before Frickstock at Eric Riddles place in NC.

Enjoy a free download if you click the arrow on the sound cloud logo below (then click the arrow under the wave image that says “download”).



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