Game of Trombones

It was a nice run this season…

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July Frix Pix

This June’s Frix Pix is brought to you by


White has been waiting to feature this band for almost 14 years now.    Sangeet Mala is now considered ancient.  Some of my best musical memories from Indiana University.  Good times with Travis Ellison and Hannah Won, Joe Fish, Jim Wert, Karl Leichty and Dave Sullivan to name a few).   This is probably my best musical work to date, Travis and I did some really amazing things back then.   The first track is a recording of a live performance we played at 1008 south washington st. in B-town.    Like this if you were at that concert!!!!    I’m making all of these downloadable for the month of July, thanks for you lash-support as always.   (photos by transtabla and David Yovino).     


(you gotta check out the tabla drumset improv we did live at the Bluebird—  CLICK HERE

click here to check out SANGEET MALAS website





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Song for Darryl

Wrote this for Darryl Marshall

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Quadcopter fever

Quadcopter fever has set in.   I’m very contagious right now.    Here is my copter, the Galaxy Visitor II by Nine Eagles.    Click on it to check out the jank page I’ve created so far.

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