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$40 autographed Steve Connelly

The rumors are true. I’ve been selling 11×17 framed posters and T-Shirts. Check here to see what merch is frickin available. Frickin Shirts have arrived! $25 for shirts, $40 for framed autographed posters.
I’ll send you a receipt after for shipping price

40$ framed

Screen shot what you want and Text to me at +1-727-642-8993 to get yours !

$30 women’s V neck in pink
Autographed Matt Frick poster $40
$20 wframed + shipping (1left)
Autographed Chris Barbosa $40
Rich Sheldon Band Autographed and framed $40 + shipping (3 left)

I’ve been working with local Tampa musical legend Steve Connelly both musically and artistically. Check out his new CD, if you like a copy let me know! All his CD sales go to him 100%.
Grab a poster and a CD 💿 for $30 + shipping

Buy Steve Connelly’s newest CD. All $ goes to him directly. $20$ + shipping
Autographed Steve Connelly Framed posters $40 + shipping (2 left)
Autographed Steve Connelly 70’th Bday posters $40 + Shipping (3 left)