June 1st 2024

Hey Everyone!! Welcome to Frickstock 2024!! This is a very special Frickin’ event being held at Cage Brewing in St. Petersburg, FL on June 1st, 2024. Thanks for checking out this page!
Meet Matt Frick: Hi everyone I’m Matt Frick. I play music full time in St. Pete, FL. As some of you may know there is INSANE musical talent in St. Pete. I wanted to showcase some of the projects I’m playing in currently with various projects I’m a part of here. I’ve been going full speed playing solos, duos, trios, full band stuff. I originally put on Frickstock in 2013 in Hillsboro, OH as a celebration of love as I married my wife Stephanie there. We had 15 bands on 2 stages and two days of music and camping! Stephanie and I are happily married still and excited to put in another Frickstock! She will be sitting in on percussion for a few songs you won’t want to miss!!
Check out the lineup below! You can click on links to the bands playing too. There will be tons of Frickin merchandise! Frickstock, Frick off, Frick Yeah and many more shirts to purchase. Purchasing shirts will help to pay the many musicians involved for the night 🙏🏻

Mark your calendars! June 1st at Cage Brewing!

Peace ✌️ + Love ❤️ = Frickstock 🎸

Prepare to be Fricked!

check out Matt Frick

check out the Western Gypsies

check out Rich Sheldon Band

check out Tim Balajadia

check out DJ Spank