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Hot Tonic with Eric Riddles
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Eric Riddles and Matt Frick stand out with their experimental sets and use of looping to create the sound of a full band. While staying true to their acoustic roots, the duo has developed a more bluesy sound with the incorporation of electric guitar and organ. They perform unique versions of The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Tom Petty, John Prine, Bill Withers, Jimi Hendrix, and more!” – Grand Central Brewhouse 2021

Eric and Matt are best described as bluesy, beachy power harmonies. They play mixes genres such as outlaw country, reggae, classic rock, jam and blues

Eric and Matt played a few amazing shows with Rachel Lynn and Steve Connelly
Eric sitting in with Josh and Victoria from Hot Tonic

Eric Riddles and Matt Frick go way back and are old friends from back in the day in Indianapolis, IN. In 1999 they played together in a bluegrass fusion soul/roots band called Coast with David Thomas and Aaron Stout. They started early working hard on power harmonies along side acoustic instruments like guitar, banjo, and mandolin. Eric and Matt spent many years recording together, click here to hear their recordings ERIC AND MATT RECORDINGS

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In June 2020 Eric moved to St. Pete to start the band back up only to find Covid hit and put a pause on Matt’s new music career he had just announced. They worked hard during the pandemic getting ready for a new duo they would create. Working on unique versions of hit songs from the Grateful Dead, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, John Prine, Bill Withers and Jimi Hendrix they started to find a unique sound ready for live shows.

The entertainment next show 9/1 at aspirations winery in Clearwater, FL
Across the universe by the Beatles

Eric and Matt are playing 2-3 shows per month with different bands. Currently they are playing in St. Pete at areas including Whiskey Joes Tampa, Grand Central Brewhouse, Aspirations Winery, Crooked Thumb, Ale and the Witch and multiple private parties.

Eric and Matt are thriving at venues that are Grateful Dead friendly and open to experimental sets which create magic. They also play a killer sunset show for beach gigs which play more standard covers for sunset style evenings. 
Recently they have jumped in on a Rolling Stones Tribute band and hope to make it a permanent project. We are calling it The Strolling Moans. We have 3 shows booked for the rest of 2023

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